What is meaning of BaraK Obama

The name Barak Hussein Obama struck many people as odd. The names sounded Arabic, gyrating the motion that Obama is Muslim. The slam possibility of the name to be Hebrew did not even occur, even to many Jewish Americans. Not that he is a Jew, but many Americans thought that Barak Obama was perhaps a Muslim name, a claim that was in keeping to the part of Kenya he’s from. It is funny that Americans did not care, Americans  voted him nonetheless.

In Africa, the Guardian Nigerian newspaper ran news concerning the man who most Nigerians concluded is kin. The man was however born American and his ancestral roots hails from Kenya in Africa.  The attention a name like Obama can bring, can explain the nature of bais and prejudice.  The degree to which we judge and accept others is usually in respect to our affection with them.    

My attention in this essay is to begin to demonstrate that something is probably wrong with a theory about African languages. This is the theory propounded by an American man called Joseph Greenberg, who lumped many African language together, including Igbo language designated as part of Benue Congo Kwa. As we shall see, this thoery is probably a mistake.

The word Barak is a form ‘blessing’ in Hebrew, and in Arabic language, Baraka is the exact equivalent. The two words were emasculated from Abul’ Ubaka, which means in Arabic “the blessed one” or  “the blessed oneric of God” . The significant root of the word Babka is from ‘Ubaka’ in Abubaka. This is ultimately the case since Hebrew from about 12th century and struggled to gain its position against Arabic. This was not entirely achieved, until a hundred years before thier farewell from Spain in 1492. 

Ubaka in Igbo, means ‘blessing’ . In actual sense, the difference between Bar’ ka that is Hebrew and Ubaka that is Igbo and Abul’ baka/Abu-ukaka, is that U is evident in the opening letters of the Igbo etymon Ubaka. This U and sometimes O, is the reason why words which are Igbo and essentially Hebrew are not treated as the same. For instance Obama or Ubama in Igbo refers to a ‘land extention’  which is no different from the Hebrew equivalent ‘Bama’ meaning ‘high place’.

The part of Kenya that Barak Obama hails from also interprete his name as a ‘forgotten place’, some interpretation call it a Obama a ‘wilderness’, where perhaps in my opinion goats are roved. The theme of  ‘high place’ is not entirely misplaced in the whole translation, suggesting a common stock of some significance within the three peoples.

 In keeping to the claims of Lembas of Kenya and Igbos of Nigeria to be of Hebrew descendants, adds to the meaning and significance of Obama. The letter U and sometimes O in front of the three languages ply a whole of difference in meaning within the three language. They are part of the same onomasticon as Bama but the African dialectic to Hebrew is not entirely possible, given the healthy culture of prejudice. The U or O can be understood.

For instance, the Hebrew word Koha-nim or Koha-thite refers to ‘priesthood’ .  On the surface this word has nothing in common with the Igbo word Ukoha, but closer, we can see that U in front of the word Ukoha is doing too much to its meaning. U-koha, might be a suited interpretation of  the said name, and this is only due the nature of Hebrew language that bear out M and W, and ‘IM’ as ‘IW’ and both as inflection to Koha. In sound, IW is incandescent as U, and from this conversion the rule of ‘right to left’ called metathesis is applied.

The word obama is no different from Bama, a Hebrew word reffering to ‘highplace’ as we said, which does not mean anything to many people. Bama is above all an high point in Jewish altar where Torah is placed.  The very possibility that Obama  portends to Moses and mount Sinai, offends the encomastic torching a hidden history.

 The history concerns a certain people of Kenya and Obama, whose    existence were threatened by invading muslims and whose story of hope, resilence and courage is evident in Barak Obama, but now elevated to perhaps greater level by his years in America.  A native is a son or as Igbos of Nigeria will say, Ani bani. Oops, that’s Hebrew too.

Iroabuchi Onwuka


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  1. Jeremy Says:

    What are you talking about…do your work an be proud of your black self.

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